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Beautiful Philippines nature pictures

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Created and published online from 31 July 1997 - 17 May 2012
on www.kriyayoga.com

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beautiful Philippine islands
Beautiful island amidst crystal clear Pacific ocean

Philippine islands most beautiful nature pictures

5000+ FREE nature images, wallpapers, eCards
Philippine island beach
Philippine islands offer some of the most beautiful beaches
Beach Daku island - Philippines
Beach Daku island - Philippines

Philippines beautiful mountains
Philippines beautiful mountain scenery
beautiful ocean view
Philippine islands beautiful ocean view

This torrent file contains all the pictures from the previous online photo gallery "Philippine islands most beautiful Pictures" with following topics / photo albums:

Nature images, wallpapers, eCards
Red rose with hearts
Red rose with hearts
Beautiful Philippine roses and exotic flowers
Beautiful roses and exotic flowers

God cards, prayer cards and God wallpapers

God wallpapers, prayer cards
God is Love - lotus flower
God is Love
Dear God, please heal my heart
Dear God, please heal my heart

The original texts, tutorials or spiritual teachings published on the photo gallery "Philippine islands most beautiful Pictures" are contained in full in the torrent file: Spiritual Treasures - Kriya Yoga download 39988 files 3.55GB. Hence to have the complete Spiritual Treasures, you need both data files:

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  2. Spiritual_Treasures.tar.bz2

Beautiful Philippines nature pictures:

Beautiful island nature , wallpapers, eCards
Island vegetation - Philippines
Island vegetation
Heart in ocean - Philippine islands
Heart in ocean
beautiful waterfall - Mindoro island
Beautiful waterfall - Mindoro
Purple waterlily
Purple waterlily - Cambodia


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There are millions of possible uses of the large collection of high resolution nature pictures even if you think to have no use personally. Here a few examples how the pictures have been used in past many years and can be used in future:

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Technical content description of torrent

During the years 2000 until 2012, many ten thousands of pictures were made using first a Sony W7, later Sony Alpha 100, Alpha 700 and during the last few years the Sony Alpha 900 - together with a set of Carl Zeiss lenses. Ten thousands of US Dollars investment in Photo equipment, photo travel and thousands of hrs to process pictures made from the beautiful Philippine islands and the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The result was partially published either as tropical wallpapers or in the successful Photo Gallery "Most beautiful pictures of the Philippines" published and available for free online until May 17th, 2012 on www.kriyayoga.com.

This "Spiritual Treasures Bonus" with beautiful Philippines nature pictures, scenery, ocean views, roses and flowers contains the content of the previous online gallery. I.e. all processed pictures as well as almost all raw full size pictures in file resolutions up to 24 Mpx (for photos made by Sony Alpha 900).

A collection of some of the Philippine islands most beautiful nature scenery, ocean views, beaches, island life and island scenery as well as Philippines most beautiful tropical flowers and roses - for you and all world to enjoy.

Use as backgrounds, decoration or documentation to add God made natural beauty and color to your own self-created content or documents. Be creative and enjoy.

On May 9th, 2012 all these pictures have been given into public domain = for free use by all world, free of any copyright, to freely redistribute, share, modify and do whatever makes happy.

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