God's presence in your life

God offers many manifestations to feel God's presence in your life. Learn different direct and indirect presence of God in your life to understand God's guidance and love.

  1. God's spiritual presence in your life
  2. God's physical presence in your life
  3. God's hidden presence

From above we differentiate between God's hidden presence and God's direct presence in human life. Let's have a look at each of the two types of possible presence.

God's spiritual presence in your life

All those humans actively and persistently pursuing God's teachings of love combined wit powerful spiritual cleaning techniques such as Kriya Yoga techniques eventually will get loser and closer to God and thus some day start to feel God's spiritual presence in daily life. Firsst only in moments of relaxation and peace. Later after having found stability in an entirely God and Love oriented life in a useful, helpful and most loving life and profession, such presence of God may be felt more or less permanently by all true spiritual disciples.

True spiritual disciple vs fake disciple is easy to define. A true spiritual disciple has arranged all life to be loving. Job, recreation, politics as well as private life. While fake spiritual disciples pretend to be spiritual, go church or do sometimes every know and then a little meditation or a little Kriya Yoga while still pursuing a money oriented career for what ever industry pays most or offers most pleasant or most comfortable working conditions.

Most "spiritual" people in western world (1st world) are of fake spiritual nature. A little mantram chanting now and then, a little church every few Sundays or on Christmas and on Monday morning back to planet-destroying industry or law enforcement or financing foreign ward or exploiting cheap labor in 3rd world countries to increase own profits at the expense of others.

Such fake God-seekers rarely ever have any perception or awareness of God being present inn their lives. Such selfish oriented human aura is too dense to receive God's direct communication. In such lives, God usually appears every now and then in disguise.

Truly loving humans however may have different options to purify and uplift their own vibration and open up for direct perception of God's spiritual presence. A mother taking full time 24/7 care of own children and beyond. Focusing on most loving life for all children and all family may focus multiple times daily on God and Love to solve daily problems. The more you are busy with loving care for others, as a mother or in any care oriented life, the more powerful your connection with God becomes until you start to feel and perceive God's presence and God's love throughout your entire daily life, with children, family, neighbors and own partner.

A man being full time in a job caring for others, providing affordable services or products for others. Such as farmers, fishermen, carpentars and many other useful jobs needed to fulfill the natural need for basics of safe and healthy life of human society and all planet eventually does the very same as a caring full time mother - to bring you closer to God day after day.

The ultimate goal of all spiritual humans is God union or oneness with God and a final return home to God, home to our eternal world of love in God. A truly loving and caring life including all aspects of life eventually will lead to such God union.

Powerful spiritual practice such as kriya yoga with its main technique Kriya Pranayama may most substantially speed up the spiritual progress and thus also speed up the spiritual lessons of love to be successfully completed until a direct and persistent presence of God can be felt more or less permanently in all phases of daily life. The only purpose of Kriya Yoga is to unite with God. As Kriya Yoga practice is done more and more powerfully and over an extended period of hours each day, that conscious awareness of God's presence substantially helps you to progress on your path of love toward God.

If you can directly and consciously feel God's presence and God's love and God's blessings, then you know you are in harmony with God's love. If however you loose for hours or days that conscious perception of God's presence, then you know that you are drifting away from God by practicing too little love, too little Kriya Yoga and too much selfish goals and ego oriented activities.

God's physical presence in your life

Every single human being received all necessary lessons and instructions to spiritually progress on the most loving, most direct and most efficient path of love home to God.

The majority of human society on earth however has chosen another path, more money and career oriented, looking for easy jobs, clean work, letting others do the real work and limiting own efforts on management and spending / enjoying life ... at the expense of the majority of hard working people in third world countries.

Hence the majority of human society gets hidden visits from God (or from Jesus) in their lives. Let's have a look at how God (or Jesus) can be physically present right next to you if necessary daily or any time as needed:

We do have xx millions of human physical bodies without original soul, ready to fulfill any God intended purpose amidst mankind. One such purpose for "empty or abandoned" bodies is to be used by God directly.

Such "hidden" presence by God occurs in the life of most humans on earth. Just remember the beggar on your way to work or to shopping. Silent, poor, may be holding a sign or having an empty cup for your donation. Remember the times you spent hundreds of dollars for the purchase of gadgets, smart phone, sports articles, fashion or beauty products. At the end of your shopping you may have given all the heavy coins to that beggar because those coins were too heavy for your pocket or purse. You may have spent hundred of dollars for gadgets and a few coins for humans.

Sometimes very richest ones on earth, after their death, may be inside such beggar bodies to experience the self created dark side of poverty on earth. Other times the )trash-)coins you gave - you actually gave directly to God. God sometimes wants to see and feel directly how YOU act and react to poor and needy ones. So does Jesus as well.

In other situations, God may use the body of a suitable person to bring you a very special gift of love. For example to play a unique, God-created heavenly song just for YOU and no one else. To show YOU how much God loves you!

God's hidden presence

God's hidden presence exists daily all around the globe, in God's entire creation beyond this planet. In animals to teach us, in poor ones to challenge or test our true love. In human bodies to show us a few seconds or minutes how to do spiritual things and many other situations of daily life.

God may also be inside human bodies being subject to execution by human authorities and legal systems. Whatever you do, you always also do to God.

God is omni present, God can be any place, all places at any time, trillions of times at trillions of locations all at the very same time. God surely also is next to you, repeatedly and in most cases without you recognizing God.

When you make love to someone, may be you truly love the one born into that body or you love the one God gave you a long time ago. When you punish someone, may be it is god, or a loved one near you who expired or left his physical body long time ago or it is really the one born into that body.

If to love is all you do in all part of your life, then who ever is around you, whatever soul is inside the body next to you, always is a perfect match to be loved by you.

If anything else but to love is part of your daily life, then you have to accept that a substantial part of all your actions may have been directed toward loved ones using bodies near you to be with you or toward God directly. It will be your sole responsibility to figure out how to justify acts and explain of violence, acts of retaliation or acts of punishment when you die and face God.

To love and only love all life long is easier than to punish and justify your punishment facing God. God is Love - you too are a child of God, made to learn to love just as God loves all.

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