God Yoga

Initiation to the holy technique and explanations

A powerful prayer to open for healing love from God

God Yoga is brought to you by God as a gift of Love to all mankind - it is a new and most powerful technique suitable for all those who want to learn to fully open their heart and soul for the blessing and healing aspect of divine love coming from God. The very first time it was given to all mankind was Christmas time of the year 2000 at the very beginning of a new spiritual era on this planet.

You may practice God Yoga in addition to Kriya Yoga or whatever other Yoga you practice on your path of Love to Godrealization. It may be forwarded by YOU to anyone you love, to anyone that needs and accepts your love and God's divine and healing love.

Any Yoga always comes directly from God. Hence there never can be any secret about any yoga - only ego wants to keep things secret, NEVER God nor any loving person !!

You are invited and free to forward God Yoga to all your beloved ones, to your little angel-children, to old or handicapped, to dying persons.

Always practice God Yoga with love and in a situation of silence and loving prayer or meditation to be effective. the same applies for forwarding God Yoga to anyone who you feel is receptive for it or to anyone who asks you about it.

To initially start God Yoga, please sit or put your self in the most comfortable possible position.

Then concentrate on kutashta - the spiritual center - as shown in the following graphic


In this position and with this concentration, please pray the following short and most powerful prayer in deep and warm love directly addressed to God. to obtain the right attitude toward God, keep in mind that he is the eternal sweetly and powerfully loving father of all of us, hence you may whisper this prayer and invitation to him like to a most beloved lover:

"Dear God, please love me free"

You may want to repeat this prayer whenever you realize that you have lost the concentration on kutashta and you find your thoughts "butterflying" around !

This short prayer is a key for God to be allowed to enter your heart and soul - to enter your innermost being again and heal and FREE you from all that ever has started to separate you from direct awareness of God and YOUR very own divinity. it is a powerful divine key to achieve Godunion by the end of present incarnation provided you truly allow God to enter all your body including your physical body and heal all aspects of yourself.

From the very beginning you will feel a flow of loving light into your body. allow this flow to expand more and more into all parts of your body - into your heart and mind and emotions as well.

Sweet divine love shall then enlighten your heart and mind more and more - the more you practice this holy technique.

You may practice God Yoga any time and for any duration. at any age even small angel babies of just a year or so, anyone understanding or feeling the simple instructions may benefit from God Yoga and the healing spiritual power emanating from this divine love.

A recommended way is to always whenever possible end your day with God Yoga in addition to your daily practices. That means just before putting your physical body asleep, you repeat in a sweet loving way one last time this powerful prayer and surrender your physical body and your spiritual body to God. This will also allow you to use the "sleeping" hours of your body for your spiritual progress and spiritual healing.

When you have successfully made your above mentioned prayer, then you should remain in a silent and very comfortable position for as long as possible and remain open for God while keeping your concentration in the spiritual center (kutashta) for as long as you like - the longer the better. just as shown in the below graphic

meditation with focus of your mind in your spiritual center kutashta

You may forward this entire file to any or all beloved ones on your mailing list as a Christmas gift of love. Since Christmas is a feast of love, grace, mercy and forgiveness as well as spiritual and holistic healing, any and every day of the year is suitable as of now to forward this to all and anyone in need of love - we all need love - YOU and all your beloved family members, relatives, neighbors AND "enemies" as well!

This entire file may be printed or reproduced by any means as ONE single complete file including all graphics and links.

May God's everlasting omnipotent and omnipresent healing love free you and heal you

with love and divine bliss

with love from God to ALL


Anytime and any place always is the right time and right place to open for God - hence you may do God Yoga for the very first time right now and here wherever you are - God will be waiting for YOU !

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