Jesus Teachings of Love

On this web site you find Jesus complete sacred teachings of love and often also kept secret - thus also called Jesus secret teachings of love. Meditation techniques, the love prayer to connect to Jesus father and all help for your utmost loving path home to God. This entire site is a gift of love created during some 16+ years of intense work blessed by Jesus' father - God.

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God is Love - Dear God please love me free
Prayer of Love

Jesus - son of God

Jesus loving heart

Jesus - son of God one with God - Jesus - made of God's love - made to love - Jesus Love made to touch and enter your hearts and souls and to free you. The Passion of Jesus during the crucifixion proved his Love for God. Jesus Love for you is the result of his oneness with God - being one in God having his eternal Home in God. Follow Jesus teachings and you will return home to God father on the most gentle and most direct path of love possible!

Jesus is loving shepherd of all mankind beyond religion

Shining heart of loveJesus has appeared many times on this planet during the course of the past thousands of years. In different bodies, in different countries or cultures, with different names and faces. Jesus always reincarnated in times and at places of greatest distress. No country nor any religion "owns" Jesus. Jesus always was here for all and shall always be there for all. Jesus also was and is here for you, to love you, to help you, to guide you home, to free you with love! Jesus is there for all those who know him as well as for all those who never heard about him. Jesus as the son of God has no religion and loves all without any discrimination at all. Jesus is the shepherd of all, bringing all home to God on his path of love. Jesus is the teacher of love for all mankind, all plants of animals - for all creation and for all eternity as long as loved and blessed by his father.

No country, no religion, no culture has a right to claim Jesus as "own" - because Jesus love includes all, from youngest baby till death and beyond of any living being. To receive Jesus love or help, there is NO need to change religion or dress in a particular way. Just love all and accept Jesus guidance and teachings of love to return home.

Jesus is Love

To accept Jesus Christ as your guide home to God, there is no need to become member of a particular church or organization, nor to pay taxes or fees to any organization. The path home to God is a path of love. Love is affordable by all. To love all is the key to God. To love all also includes to share with all, to support those who help you. To protect weak ones, to share with needy ones. God is Love, God's love is the core of all our creation. Jesus is God's extended helping loving hand toward mankind on earth or beyond. Jesus purpose is to reunite all creation into one single family of love!

Communication with God takes place in your heart and soul. No need for Internet nor books. Just an open heart to pray to God: "Dear God, please love me free".

Jesus Christ is the teacher of love for all mankind, for all religions and for all without religion

Red purple hearts of LoveThere is but one God and that one God is God for all. God has but one son of love as teacher of love and that son accepts all in his heart. Thus Jesus is your teacher of love, no matter what religion you have if any. The only "requirement" is your readiness and willingness to love, to learn to love and to practice love in truly all situations of your life. Jesus Christ is the teacher of love for small babies or children as much as for all those waiting to die or dying and willing to return home to God. Jesus is teacher of love on earth and beyond. No matter who you are and what you have done in your life. Jesus will love you no matter what mistakes or "sins" you ever may have committed. All you need is to love and to accept love and to accept God as your home.

There is but one God and that one God is Love!

Jesus and his father

The relationship between Jesus and God father is like the relationship between the sun up there in heaven and the sun rays down here on earth touching you !

Who needs Jesus ?

All who have lost conscious direct contact to God father all who need Love. Find Jesus Teachings of Love for modern times for convenient offline reading. 39988 files of "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" with Kriya Yoga teachings and Jesus Teachings of Love

Is Jesus different from God ?

Jesus - Jesus Christ - Jesus of Nazareth - Jesus, son of God Jesus love is as different from God as sun-rays are different from the sun ! Jesus is an expression of God - Jesus is an extension of God to meet you here on earth and guide you home to God.

God's Love for you is infinite

God is Love - so is Jesus - Jesus Christ - Jesus of Nazareth - Jesus, son of God Made to the image of God are all to love all - Jesus Christ the one to teach you to learn and practice love all.

God's first and only commandment

We need God - Jesus - Jesus Christ - Jesus of Nazareth - Jesus, son of GodLove all! When you say YES to Love - then you say YES to God - by affirming the principle of divine Love and applying Jesus teachings of Love - you affirm God and open for God's Love to FEEL God's love flowing through you.

God is almighty

Jesus - Jesus Christ - Jesus of Nazareth - Jesus, son of God and because God is Love and his son Jesus is Love. Hence Jesus Love is almighty and all-healing, all-freeing for all and can be felt and experience in the most powerful Love Prayer.

God is all-loving - heart to heart

God's Passion has neither end nor beginning nor limits - to learn to apply God's love in your life and partnership come and share some time with God in your heart so I can share our all heavenly father's Love with you.

God is all-wise

God's wisdom creates solutions of Love for you - eternallyGod's wisdom can create Solutions of Love for all in all and every situation of eternal life !

True Love - Divine Passion

Jesus - Jesus Christ - Jesus of Nazareth - Jesus, son of GodMeans loving All - Become a source of love for all. True Love means sharing Love with All - true Love means loving your partner eternally.

The most powerful Love is God's Love

The Love touching you here on earth by Jesus is God's Love - as God father radiates his Love to you by sending Jesus to you into your hearts and souls! There is but ONE God and that is God father - our heavenly father, our all creator and supreme being of all creation!

All-loving - loving all - you as well

almighty - healing all with his Love - you as well

all-wise - creating Solutions of Love - for you as well.

Jesus - son of God
like a sunray might be called son of the sun

God is love - so is Jesus - Jesus Christ - Jesus of Nazareth - Jesus, son of God

God is Love

Divine Love and Bliss

God is Love

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God is Love