Spiritual counseling no longer available

If you truly practise the "Spiritual Treasures- Final Edition" then you should be able to receive direct spiritual guidance by god. Open for god and pray to god.

Spiritual counseling always includes all aspects of your life

God is Love
God is Love = a God of Love - you are made to God's image:
To love all, to forgive all, to reconcile with all

On a wrong path every step is wrong. Hence once you are in a wrong situation of life, most of the time you may be required to completely change your entire life. Spiritual advice thus may include the step to completely change any or all of the following:

  1. Change of partner = divorce or instant full reconciliation. Instant meaning both being fully ready to completely forgive, to reconcile and to fully love each other. No small steps but all or nothing at all at once within minutes.
  2. Change of job - that may include self study or learning by any affordable means a new professional qualification.
  3. Change of industry - from useless or dangerous to useful and healthy industry
  4. Change of location you live - from ill-making to healthy natural and clean environment
  5. Readiness to forgive all, reconcile with all and love all. That includes the readiness to issue a full Christmas pardon to all! See the chapter Christmas pardon in the "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition"
  6. Readiness for a change of heart and change of mind. To be willing to learn to handle problems and solve conflicts in a completely different - strictly love oriented way. Without lawyers and lawsuits, without law enforcement, without authorities - With nothing else but God and love.
  7. Readiness to accept full personal responsibility for all past and current pain, mistakes and problems or financial burden. Strictly NO blame game no matter the situation.

God bless


Creator / publisher of the "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition"

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