Post Mortem

All life on earth is of temporary nature
all planet and all other planets, stars, suns and moons you see are of temporary nature.

All our planet serves but one single purpose:
To learn to love!

Nothing more and nothing less!

While some may prefer to go to other worlds,
many may love and prefer to return home to God
some day
when all love learning successfully completed.

I never had enough time in my life to write and create solutions of love for the trillions of new problems you may create in your eternal future
but I had time to complete all the teachings of love to return home to God
and all the solutions to avoid the creation of any number of new problems for all eternity
as well as to offer you a full solution to get out of ANY problem you ever may please to create for whatever reason.

Those who have an original file of any age
may have all the solutions needed for you and your entire family and future generations
up to you to fully maintain and safeguard the original and share person to person when ever needed or asked for.

When you share the file or the "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" Spiritual_Treasures.tar.bz2, always share the file as a complete compressed original unit and always share and/or the "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" Spiritual_Treasures.tar.bz2 with its original corresponding md5sum to assure integrity of all data. Any and every version of the file ever since its first version dated May 17, 2000 contains all the necessary lessons of love and includes the full details from the holy science of Kriya Yoga.

When practicing Kriya Yoga as given by God to all world, frequently pray to God for guidance and ask in your prayers:
"Dear God, please show me correct Kriya Pranayama and correct my Kriya Yoga practice until I am one with you"

Newer versions from the file from the time after May 17, 2000 contain additional lessons for people who prefer to learn slower and live more complicated than really necessary!

Numerous disciples of this incarnation have a valid version of or a MINI-CD or an earlier version DVD "Spiritual Treasures". Search and you shall find. Pray to God and God shall help every sincere heart.

Only the teachings of love you actually practice in all parts of your life over an extended period of time become a firm part of your soul and eternal spiritual being. To learn and nod with your head while continuing your old habits changes nothing at all in your spiritual development. Practice of love and application of solutions of love are needed to succeed on your way to God. The teachings of love include all the theory and lessons of love for life to reconnect with God. Your daily life will include all the situations needed to apply love and practice love in a sufficient variety of different situations to assure your success in loving all.

Spiritual_Treasures.tar.bz2 download information:

My lifetime project is successfully completed and is converted into a complete OFFLINE version "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" and available as download file Spiritual_Treasures.


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In brief, the key to God is:

God is Love

Become God like, a being of love, to love all and to be loved by all.

The main lessons to learn and to practice here and now on earth and for all eternal future are:

Love all
forgive all
reconcile with all
reunite with God.

To be God like or to become one with God never makes you identical with God.
Just as you grow older as a child of your father and mother on earth,
you never can say "I am my father" or "I am my mother" no matter how much you love your parents
and no matter how much you may resemble your mother or father in your look or behavior or innermost being.

You always remain a child of your parents from a temporary physical point of view.
The very same applies to spiritual being of a human made to the image of God,
you still remain a child of God and thus the statement "I am God" is wrong and often the result of lack of spiritual awareness and spiritual experience or lack of oneness with God.

You are a child of God,
or a child of one of God's children
Hence God may be your father
or your Godfather.

Your relationship to God may be like your relationship to your physical parents, or like your relationship to your grand parents or grand grand parents, or grand grand grand parents, etc. Then God is always your Godfather.

Post Mortem - after death, life goes on and no truly spiritual person ever dies, only his physical body may be dropped. Physical body is needed to be seen by spiritually blind ones, to talk to spiritually deaf ones and to write for people who lack the ability to directly communicate with God or to simply know by God given intuition. Hence the teachings of love are fully supported until all creation one in God again. Reunited in love. All true Saints of the past still teach, love, heal, act or live, without a physical body.

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God is Love

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God is Love