Ashram for Kriya Yoga, development of Divine Love

Dear ones

God is my home and all his creation my Ashram. To serve you here on earth I use locations that offer accommodation and full logistics as needed to welcome you and allow you to fully focus on your inner healing and spiritual progress.

While in past many centuries or millennium an ashram may have had a justified reason and spiritual need to exist in order to forward original teachings from master to disciple. In current times of easy and direct global distribution of originals via Internet of sacred teachings of love and spiritual instructions and guide lines for daily life, the most powerful spiritual learning is done right where God placed you - at home. At your current home is all your basic karma to be solved. At your current home location you find most of your past friends and enemies needed to dissolve your karma and learn your spiritual lessons of love.

In modern times a travel far away to hear or receive what you could read conveniently in Internet on your tablet or laptop or mobile devices may be considered a waste of resources and totally obsolete environment pollution. The true God-seeker with an open heart and loving soul can receive all spiritual guidance at any distance. If a God seeker too blocked to receive spiritual guidance, then first more basic clean up and rearranging of life is needed.

Ashram is where Guru is! True Guru can be anywhere and every where wherever God is - also in your heart right now! True Guru never depends on his physical body but on his spiritual body only.

The many Ashrams in India I have visited usually have been but pension houses with a swami or manager present and have been but abused by back packers for a quick and cheap overnight stay.

Here we have a different situation - people come usually for many weeks or even months. You can stay at the location I usually stay or any other place nearby or where ever. When ever possible I prefer to select locations that offer a full 24 hrs service, because my own working and living day is 24 hours with rest or "sleep" only when job is finished any time day or night.

Freedom for you to do what you want and when you want is of utmost spiritual importance for your most efficient and most loving spiritual success.

Before your visit at the Ashram - please be fully prepared

Before your visit here, you should have visited and studied all major sections of the Cyberspace Ashram including the practice of Kriya Yoga. Means you should have the complete "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition".

If you really belief and wish a visit here at my locations, then please be fully prepared all the way. Proper preparation includes:

It makes absolutely no sense at all to spend a month and up to several thousand US$ for you or your entire family to come here if you have no money left to share with the poorest ones here. In case of limited funds it is much better for your own spiritual efforts to completely cancel all your expenses for your own travel and leisure and to re-orient the full amount into charitable projects toward the many current or future global disaster zones or war countries for the benefit of the hundreds of millions of victims of disasters and wars on earth!

Reasons and prerequisites for an Ashram visit

A truly and spiritually justified reason for a visit in God's ashram here would be all of below:

  1. You have been practicing kriya yoga over an extended period of time for 6-8 hrs or more per day
  2. You have been reading and practicing all given chapters of the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love
  3. All your life, work, job, professional qualifications and priorities are clearly focused toward one single priority and goal in life = to return home to God on a path of love and to share all spiritual knowledge with all others in need of spiritual guidance and spiritual help
  4. You are currently involved in a really spiritual oriented job and life that clearly serves God above money manking.
  5. You are free of any attachments or contracts to do whatever is spiritually best and serves the needy ones on this planet and your spiritual goal most
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Cyberspace Ashram For Kriya Yoga
The complete teachings of love leading to God union are available for instant FREE download as files: Spiritual Treasures and Spiritual Treasures Bonus

download eBooks kriya yoga teachings