Too little efforts too late from you

When I decided to create a revised edition (and to add the remaining forums and a few new chapters as well), I instantly received a single donation of us dollar 500 to buy computer and all equipment needed and internet access and extend the rent of my room twice for another 10 plus 10 days to have a place with electricity to stay and work for your spiritual well being.

With that mini-amount I purchased the worlds cheapest (by price and technical quality) netbook without any software nor any operating system for USD 289.00, a 191 USD Galaxy Y phone with needed accessories and SIM FOR internet access (as you know already, I pay Internet by kB for every upload, download and email in and out to you a well as for Skye) and a (damaged) memory stick FOR USD 29 for backups. SIMPLE MATHEMATICS show that the initial donation from a single person once again even failed to pay for cheapest junk equipment to work on the "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition". The later following mini donations helped to work a little with the trashy netbook, crashing countless times, causing file system damage and data loss and many other problems.

Once in my life, the world has received exactly what the world has paid for all the past many years!

At this time, there are no more funds available from me for you for any further work on the "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition".

I gave you all I had, my life, my life savings, emergency funds for any future on earth, my family, my hobbies and my recreation, my vacations and my free time and all earnings of the past 15+ years and much more to create what is given to all world with the "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition". As of now, i.e. July 13, 2012, the past 21 months I have spent some 14'000 US$ more than I have received in "honest" donations. That means by now all my life-emergency funds are melting to just a few hundred dollars and what you have received in this revised edition is all I can offer you. The past 21 months had do be done with a mini-budget, far too little for efficient work and much more importantly, far too little to do something for the poorest ones around me while I was helping the very richest ones in the world = you and all others who can afford internet. All of you who have more then 1000 USD per months family income surely are among the very richest 10% of this world. In exchange for helping the richest ones, there always need to be sufficient funds helping the poorest ones around me toward a better life!

In total over the past 15 years I have given you and the world and invested into the Cyberspace Ashram about a quarter million us dollar from my self earned money and received only about 70'000 us dollars in tip (often called "honest" donation while serving dozens of millions of beneficiaries among the world's richest ones. Only about half a dozen have actually contributed honest donations - too few to make a difference to those giving or doing nothing at all. Some 60'000 working hours since April 1997 so far have been invested into the creation and maintenance of the sacred teachings of love "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition".

That means for every thousand dollar received, I had to add some 5000 us dollars own money to pay the full production and maintenance cost of the Cyberspace Ashram. Now all my funds and emergency savings are expired and what ever the world wants, need to be paid in full by the world. It is wrong that other people have to pay for your karma and for your solutions to get out of your self-created situation far far from home in God.

"Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" is what its title says, "Spiritual Treasures" that will change your life and entire future to a more loving and more spiritual life until connected with God and ready to return home to God.

Care for the "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" as if you would have paid all from your own savings and with your own life and share "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" with all loved ones, friends and all those you feel are ready for a life of God and Love.

Too little efforts by you or none at all

Too little efforts by you or in most cases NO efforts at all came too late for a working and tested revised edition. When i asked for testing and error seeking, I received one short report with a few errors, another report with errors that proved to be no errors but the result of lack of computer-user skills. Even among the many IT professionals and all FB visitors wasting hors on facebook, there came no serious efforts nor feedback. All were too busy enjoying life or making money. Too busy doing trash. All the past 50+ years, my own days had 24 hrs - the usual on this planet and for most of my past 40-50 years I had to work 18 or more hours 7 days a week to prepare, learn and finally offer you the "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition". Yet no one among the beneficiaries found time for a dozen hours overtime to assist and provide feedback on errors. No one also made a few hundred or thousands hours overtime to earn a little more to contribute a truly honest share. Earmarking a donation as "honest" donation is an attempt to cheat God by people who fail to love and do some real efforts beyond enjoying love created and paid by others.

Greatest care has been taken within available means, time and technical equipment available to offer the world the best possible final version of the "Spiritual Treasures". Your own efforts simply have been too little, too late or none at all to get all working within the time available.

All you really need for your path of love home to God has already been included by 17 May 2000. All additional several thousand chapters and images are an additional help to make your spiritual development even easier and to offer you more advice and guide lines for all possible situations in life on your way home to God on a most loving path.

All the past decades there have been a very few people who worked for the wellbeing of all mankind around me. So did all the past 10-12 years a very few people - may be one dozen only or less - regularly make real efforts in practice of Kriya Yoga, loving work and support of the work for the Cyberspace Ashram.

Days ago, one single person (or more precisely a family = Georgi and Galina) from among the lowest earning ones among you all (less than 300 USD each per month) have offered to bring me back my last 2 quality production laptops from Europe to Cambodia and stay here helping to fix the broken filesystem on the last revised edition. That makes a few thousand US Dollars burden plus a family separation for weeks of work - all carried by one single person for your spiritual welfare.

All you need to do to find any old version is to search or to advertise and be willing to pay for these old versions of or Spiritual treasures or mini-CD or CD/DVD. You may never know if these old copies are genuine or fake - but whatever happens is your karma and your karma always has been created but by you. Thus you are fully responsible and fully liable for the full extent of your own karma and no one else but you!

Please tell me what makes you so special that other people have to pay for your happiness and wellfare and finally also have to pay for your return home to God. Why do other people - some of the poorest ones - have to pay for your self created karma?

In recent 24 or so hours, a few others made some mini-donations, all together far too little to pay for the total cost. Hence all these mini-donation efforts currently stay and remain in the Western Union system untouched by me unless the full cost are paid by those benefitting from all.

You have already all - just with a damaged filesystem created by the equipment paid by you in previous weeks. Hence instead of doing another mini-donation, you may create an maxi effort and pay all by yourself the full expenses of a computer forensic expert knowing how to fix totally damaged data and file systems. Intelligence services and military as well as other professional services KNOW how to do that, have the equipment and expertise to do so - at a price. May be many thousand, more likely a few ten thousand USD or more. You never know if the end result if genuine or fake, again you get what you earned and paid for.


You invest whatever amount and efforts, years or decades - to learn and purchase any equipment and software needed to become a forensic computer expert yourself and do all the work yourself.

Again no one in the world could trust you to offer a genuine original, but for your very personal family and children, you may find a few victims trusting you.

God is Love

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God is Love