Love Prayer to God

Love hearts
Love hearts

A prayer of Love from your heart and soul to God

"Dear God - love me please"

"Dear God - please love me free"

Love heart with rose

A prayer for Love - a quest for Love from God to tell God "love me please"

Love so sweet and healing - experienced instantly during the love prayer by all true hearts

The core of God Yoga is the Love prayer "Dear God - please love me free"

Concentrate on kutashta - the spiritual center of your soul in you physical body - as shown in the following graphic

Kutashta - the spiritual center of your soul

In this position and with this concentration, please pray the following short and most powerful prayer of love in deep and warm love directly addressed to God. To obtain the right attitude toward God, keep in mind that he is the eternal sweetly and powerfully loving father of all of us, hence you may whisper this prayer for love and invitation to him like to a most beloved lover:

God's heart to love and heal you

"Dear God, please love me free"

You may want to repeat this love prayer whenever you realize that you have lost the concentration on kutashta and you find your thoughts "butterflying" around !

This short prayer of love is a key for God to be allowed to enter your heart and soul - to enter your innermost being again and heal and free you from all that ever has started to separate you from direct awareness of God and YOUR very own divinity. This love prayer is a powerful divine key to achieve Godunion by the end of present incarnation provided you truly allow God to enter all your body including your physical body and heal all aspects of yourself.

God's shining love heart

Feel the sweetness - experience the light of God inside you this very moment and for ever

From the very beginning of your love prayer, you will feel a flow of loving light into your body. Allow this flow to expand more and more into all parts of your body - into your heart and mind and emotions as well.

Sweet divine love shall then enlighten your heart and mind more and more - the more you practice this holy love prayer and quest for Love from God.

Any time and any place always is the right time to be loved by God !

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God is Love

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God is Love