God Love

A world or creation without love would be like our entire nature without butterflies, without flowers, without roses, without loving partner, without loving friends, without beloved children of our own. It is the beauty of our entire nature that is a reflection of God's passion for us all as an example of how we should learn to be to all our loved ones around us. Our own life should reflect an equal amount of purity in our divine being toward all. Our beautiful nature is a manifestation of the supreme being - all beauty and manifold loving aspects of nature shall help us to understand the nature of love to be developed within.

God loves

The beauty of sparkling eyes - the beauty of smiling children - the happiness we experience when falling in love with our lover all are to teach us to be divine, to be as we are made - made to the image of God - our creator and heavenly father, the supreme being of all creation.

The magic fragrance of flowers, the healing power of nature and plants, the mystery of our soul and outer universe all are part of the magic world we need to experience and cultivate to become divine lovers ready to return home to our heavenly father one day soon. A universe empty of heavenly father's love would be empty like our moon - empty of water and fishes, empty of animals of any kind, empty of colorful nature - empty of love - unworthy to live.

Definition of true Love

Love is ...
what makes you crazy for love
what makes you hungry for more love
what makes you happy inside and outside
the essence of life - the source of all being - love is the sugar of life
the cause of life - the purpose of life and the reason to live
does magic
God's passion creates magic - true divine magic beyond expectations, beyond limits!


Divine Love ...

flows trough you
flows trough all parts of you
flows inside and outside
flows from inside to outside
flows from outside to inside
flows like electricity

Flowing love causes ...
tickling loving feeling inside
causes love inside
causes "I love you" inside
causes certitude about love inside


Is it Love ?

Love ?
is sweet, always creates inner and outer happiness
is peaceful,
always creates inner peace
creates inner power
creates creativity
creates productivity
creates savings of time
creates inner balance
creates health - inner and outer
creates solutions - never questions
creates a smile - inner and outer
.. attracts nothing but love
Love is uplifting - unites - with the source of love and all loved ones and all loving ones


True love - divine passion

... is felt
across all creation
across oceans and Himalaya
across solar systems and planets
across galaxies
from infinity to infinity
from eternity to eternity


A life in love

A life without love is a day without sun
a life without divine passion is an ocean empty of water
love without being loved is love without lover - like eating without food
is life without air

What air for our lungs is love for our hearts
what water for our body is love for our soul

of Love

Made of God's passion - made to love

With the only goal in life to love - to pour love upon all
to flood all with and to heal all with love
to fill all with love

To feed all hearts, bodies and souls with love
to touch all with passion.

is the symbol of love

How is love ?

Love is ...
like a rainbow
God like Love


From where is love ?

Who is the source of all love? God - our all heavenly father and supreme being of all creation!


God is the source of all love - the source and origin of all life

God is love - our heavenly father is the ultimate source of all love
God's son Jesus Christ is the teacher of love
and you ..
are God's children of love
God's children made to love
God's children made of divine passion
God's children made with God love



For the sole purpose to love
to be loved
to create in love - with passion


God is Love

You are angels of love - Children of Love

Children of God - made to love


Love . ..

Love - to heal
- to free
- to make happy
- to be magic
- divine expression of God's smile and happiness
- his gift for you
- his bliss for you


Love just for love

Love ...
love for love
for the only purpose to love
can be obtained but by love
can be obtained but by giving love
can be obtained by love in your eyes
in your heart
in your fingers
in your body
in your mind
in your thoughts
in your dreams
in your wishes
in your voice
in your words
in your songs
in your plays
in your partner when awakened by love in your heart

of Love

Is it Love ? - am I in true Love ?

FEEL what you feel
and if you love

If you are sure - then do what you think you need to do
with all your efforts
with all your heart
with all your soul
if in DOUBT
then idea WRONG

About TRUE love never doubt
NEVER question !
never turmoil
true love only Love

To feel our heavenly father's passion - do a deep and sincere love prayer and enjoy our heavenly father's healing passion.

God is Love

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God is Love