God Union

Spiritual progress and development can basically take place in two different ways.

  1. Within and during physical incarnation working toward and reaching God-Realization through God Union oneness with God
  2. Working gradually on your spiritual development during the course of many incarnations, moving step by step up into higher spheres of vibration
    until you finally reach God Union and thus God-Realization
  3. God Union or oneness with God is the automatic result of intense and most loving practice or Kriya Pranayama.
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Let's first have a look at the second one. Incarnation by incarnation moving upward with your vibration toward God-Realization. This means working your self out of the cycle of physical reincarnation, astral reincarnation, causal reincarnation, reaching soul-realization and finally God-Realization. In between the physical dimension of existence and soul-realization there are hundreds of different spheres to pass through. This is a very common way nowadays. It means that you may live a "normal" non-spiritual life without any efforts to spiritually learn. But of course the Divine creation is made a certain way that keeps people learning without realizing it. The grace and mercy of the Divine is of such loving nature that everything we live and suffer through leads to an efficient learning process of our Divine Being. Meaning that during the course of numerous incarnations we continuously learn and spiritually progress, sometimes during the course of dozens or hundreds of incarnation, until we finally find ourselves involved in a conscious search of the Divine, thus starting to speed our efforts to progress faster and faster. Our soul starves for the Love of our heavenly father, our cosmic eternal lover and we suddenly and willingly drop everything that could ever have separated us from becoming one with our beloved source of Love.

As we drop more and more behaviors, desires and wishes that might have caused us to stay away from our beloved one, we come closer and closer, starting to perceive - first behind the dust of ignorance - small brilliant sprinkles of the Divine Love surrounding us all the time. As we get closer to our source, we perceive more and more precisely the loving truth of God and ourselves as his Divine Children and our efforts supported by our ever increasing enlightenment of our consciousness and awareness of his almighty Love, this Divine Love is acting like a infinite magnetic power the closer we get to God. All we need to do, is just drop more and more of what ever was separating us from him and he, the Divine will carry us back to our Divine Home on his vibration of Divine Love. We may easily fly on our wings of Love - on our way to God. The more we concentrate on God and Love, the more of his Divine vibration of Love is entering our being. Devotion of life and your daily work

The picture above shows our spiritual progress and advancement during the course of incarnations.

returning to God

At the beginning we have a physical body plus all the spiritual parts of it as well. That is where we are now on earth. We are mainly involved with more or less selfish action, little thoughts about loving more than just our nearest beloved ones, our family members and children, thinking of profits at the expenses of others. We are getting born at the beginning and are suffering a physical death at the end of each physical incarnation. As this causes a constant level of suffering, separation from the source of love, and constant fighting - mental, emotional and sometimes even physical, we all shall start one day to be fed up with these suffering and start thinking about what caused this. Our soul strives for Love nothing but Love. We may find some books, persons helping us and shall encounter inner guidance that allows us to refine our behavior, our emotions and thoughts to a level where we have ceased to harm others in any physical way, started to love more and more people, even far beyond the boundaries of our physical families, native countries and born in cultures. The prosperity and well being of the entire World is becoming more important to us than our own individual prosperity and well being. We now are getting ready to move on to higher astral spheres and hopefully permanently drop our physical body at the end of a physical incarnation. We have cut off most if not all attachments to persons living on earth, have become free of physical desires. The remainder of our spiritual progress may now continue in spheres of more beauty and Love, making everything much easier for us to work, learn and further progress.

Step 1 shows a human being having still all "bodies", astral, causal, Atman and Paramatman, except the physical body. During the learning process of astral incarnations our behavior gets more refined and loving. The astral dimension of universes have an enormously higher vibration than the physical plane we find ourselves now on this planet. We continue to learn and our love develops to a level where we create little Karma and the number of conventions in our mind is reducing more and more. We are aware of emotions and thoughts of our surrounding souls, can freely communicate with them using our telepathic capabilities and freely move our light body by the power of our will. Still there may be some limitations left, but life is enormously more comfortable and enjoyable than it ever was in our previous physical body.

If we continue to consciously learn, we certainly shall move on to the causal spheres, as our vibration, our aura is getting of such a beautiful and high vibration that uplifts us one day into the causal dimension of universes. There is very little karma that we still are causing and we now learn to completely prevent any kind of Karma and to refine our Love to an extent where we include ALL beings - human, animal, plant, mineral and other - in our Love. Any convention left in our mind from previous incarnations will be dissolved in the increasing fire of Divine Love that we now develop.

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        God in your physical body

In the above picture we see a graphic showing our first option. This is the one we hopefully select now in the present incarnation. Even though the return to God may last dozens or hundreds of incarnations, we shall clearly realize, that it only depends on us, when this journey shall terminate.

At any time and during any incarnation anywhere in God's Divine Creation we may choose to love and we thus may chose to return. God is grace, love and mercy. Nothing could ever keep us away from our Divine home in God except our own desires and conventions.

It is you, beloved Child of God who decides whether this shall be your last incarnation or how many incarnations will be ahead of you within a physical body. If you decide so and are fully devoted to God and to develop Divine Love NOW, you may surely reach this goal. However beware of the fact that this "project" may be a loving full time job for the remainder of this present incarnation, no matter how many years you "hope" are left. Never consider youth as a guarantee, that you still have plenty of time to "play around" on this planet and that you may start your spiritual development later on, after enjoying your career and whatever you imaging of being able to enjoy so far away from your cosmic Lover. NOW may be your last minute in your physical body. God or your own Karma may call you any time away from where you are now. The highest reward you can ever achieve is God Union leading to God-Realization. It gives you freedom for eternity - everlasting freedom, a Divine God-Consciousness, awareness of the Divine Creation, a Divine Being for eternity and eternal Divine Bliss flowing through you.

The picture 1 shows a soul with the Divine core being in God. From top downwards we see the symbols for the different bodies, that came to existence when descending to the physical plane. Each lower body is denser than the previous one, causing the consciousness to be more and more obscured when further descending away from the fine vibration of God-Consciousness resulting soon in a complete ignorance about the souls origin and a total loss of orientation for a while. A while meaning anything from years to decades to millions of years, depending on individual development of attachments, desires and other forms of Karma.

If you NOW plan to spiritually progress, then you best start to imagine that the innermost truth of you is Divine and permanently in contact with God. And you invite God to live in all parts of your body, in all aspects of your Divine Being. This will cause the low vibration of the denser bodies being transformed to the higher vibration being hosted now. Just invite God to live in your body. Make your entire body a Divine Temple of God. Devote all your love to God and remember that all surrounding beings in his entire creation finally are expression of the Divine. So you learn to include all parts of the creation in your love. Surrender your ego and all parts thereof to God and the Divine shall replace it by his eternal divinity. Until you are a fully realized Divine Child of God.

The pictures 2, 3 and 4 showing this step by step process of descending God into your physical body. Be a host of the Divine and become Divine yourself. It is so easy, all you need to do is just devote your time to God and Divine Love and soon you may become a Divine Being of Love. But learn to love - nothing but love - whatever others are doing, thinking, feeling, saying. Stop arguing, discussing, mentally or physically fighting and start loving in all and any situation. Dissolve all the obstacles of life in the fire of Divine Love and everything vanishes leaving but pure Divinity within your self.

In the beginning of spiritual progress while having a physical body, you start to sense metaphysical energy around yourself, either by seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling or any other form of sensual perception. The energies you perceive may range from aura of beings to the energy of emotions, thoughts, natural energies of objects and the entire creation. This includes perception of beings without physical body, like our ancestors or other "Spirits" who have left us earlier and may still be around us or visiting us from time to time. Also the appearance of your spiritual guide or angels may start at this point to become visible to you. This all usually is the result of the astral senses becoming awakened and working. Be happy to see more and more of the World beyond the physical plane, it may make life much easier for you if you learn to live with this additional senses awakened. However concentrate on continuous spiritual progress. The journey to God just started here and there are lots of interesting lessons and experiences ahead of you. Life now starts to become more and more filled with joy and Divine Bliss.

Later on you may start to start to understand the cause of happenings. Like the Karma causing illnesses, accidents or fatalities, in fact you may even understand the causes of wars and more complicated happenings on earth and elsewhere. Visualization of spiritual worlds is becoming less important than the true and deep understanding of all the causes. All the vibrations are getting more powerful and its perception is getting more accurate. You now start to understand why people behave the way they do, including why some persons may lye, steal, fight or getting angry, .... and so on. You suddenly understand all the causes and because of this it will become very easy for you to love everyone and anyone, anytime. You realize that love is what all people are starving for. Some may become very tricky to accomplish their task of getting connected to any source of love.

Your perception of other persons feelings and thoughts is getting close to perfection and assisting you to help them the best possible way. Your Divine Love has developed so much that you learn to make proper use of all your perceptions, to the benefit of the entire creation. You may strive to continuously be in tune with the Divine and even more Love and Bliss will flow through you steadily.

By further refining all of your words, thoughts, emotions and deeds, you will gently move to the next level of awareness. You develop soul-consciousness. This usually is the result of proper preparation and meditation or a holy technique like Kriya Yoga or Bhakti Yoga in conjunction with meditation. Kriya Yoga in its advanced stage enables you to completely withdraw all consciousness from your physical body, astral body, causal body and once one with Atman - your soul - you may then proceed the long journey through numerous spheres of consciousness toward God Union. On this way you may pass spheres of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, you may encounter or pass through spheres of Angels and great Saints. God is beyond any manifestation, the one without a second. Provided your Love for God is infinite as his, you can reach this most Divine of all experiences within minutes after reaching complete Nirbikalpa Samadhi. You may dive into God and merge with God as if two suns are becoming one.

Nirbikalpa Samadhi, as often referred to in Paramhansa Yoganandaji's "Autobiography of a Yogi" is a condition where your breathing has completely ceased and soon after that your heart stops to beat. During the phase of breathing to cease, the amount of Divine Prana flowing from God through your entire physical body is so tremendous, and sometimes may sound like a waterfall or a very strong humming noise. It is this Divine Life-Force - the breath of God - that is from now on going to keep your physical body alive for the remainder of this Oneness with God that is ahead of you. All the cells of your physical body are going be be fed by Divine Love from God, no matter how many hours or even days this Divine love affair may last. You may have been away from God for many incarnations and this merging with God is going to heal all the wounds and remove any Karma left. Even the capability to cause any new karma may be completely dissolved in this Divine fire of Love by God. Whatever you may ask may be given to you, but you may only be interested in his Divine Love. It is the most valuable of all gifts that you can ever receive during eternity.

Once you have experienced complete Oneness with God. You may never be the same as before. Your love will grow day by day, your love and all your emotions and thoughts will become more and more like the Divine vibration of God, even within your physical body and this condition may continue even outside any meditation. Your physical body is realizing to be a Divine Temple of God. Now and for eternity. The only wish you may have is to love even more people. To have time for loving day after day - even as a full time job. It is the most valuable work you can do, because loving all with the Divine Power of God living inside you, will uplift more and more people, making it much easier to find their own way to God. Little needs to be said, the Divine Love is doing all that may needed to be done on earth. Love is more powerful than a thousand words.

Your home now is in God and you may truly feel like a visitor where ever your physical or spiritual body may be. During the months and years to come, the cells of your physical body will start to vibrate in harmony with God and his Divine Love.

May eternal Divine Bliss free your self and lift you up to your Divine Lover. May God Union become the experience of mankind to strive for. One single second of God Union may provide you with more true Love, Joy and Bliss than millions of fulfilled wishes during billions of years in the creation of manifestations.

We all are Divine children of God

It is our birthright and part of the Divine Plan of God -

To return to our Divine Home

God is our source, the source of all Life and Love and

God is the end of our long journey and the beginning of true, eternal Life.

Sat - Chit - Ananda

OM                OM

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