Kriya Pranayama Introduction

This chapter is about the basics of Kriya Pranayama only. The detailed powerful technique of Kriya Pranayama is contained in the diksha page of the Spiritual Treasures in full detail including animated graphics for utmost clarity.

The metaphysical physiology of Kriya Pranayama

Kriya Pranayama is the most important of all techniques of Kriya Yoga. In this chapter, we have a look on the physiology of this holy technique. How it affects or improves the quality of your metaphysical body, i.e. causal body, mental body, astral body. Of course if your light-bodies raise their vibration, your physical body will be affected accordingly.

In a later chapter you may find the link to the page for Diksha - initiation - to the holy technique of Kriya Yoga, including the full details on how to perform Kriya Pranayama.

Kriya Yoga is called a "scientific method of self-realization". Scientific, because it can be practiced by anyone and if properly done, everyone will achieve the exactly same results: God-Union = oneness with God and self-realization.

This chapter does in no way constitute an initiation to this sacred technique. This article shall only be limited to the effects of Kriya Pranayama on your light-body. The description of the actual technique shall be received from a true guru or from the "Diksha - chapter" of this web site as a direct gift of Love from God to you.

This article however shall help all interested and all those of you who have received diksha to better understand the technique and its effect. In a later chapter we shall also have a look at the physiology of Bhakti Yoga and Karma Yoga.


A Kriyaban (Kriyayogi) strives for God-Union and self-realization. He therefore is matured to perform certain techniques, adapt his life to God's Divine rules of life (spiritual laws) and to develop Divine love toward everyone, humans, animals, the entire creation.

Though he is able to:

Devote himself - his entire life -to God. And learns to handle all spiritual lessons and solve all conflicts of life with Divine assistance from God.

Retire from any form of fighting in business, family and recreation, in his thoughts, emotions and actions as well.

Conduct a life in accordance with the First and Great Amendment of God the amendment of Divine LOVE.

He is willing to conduct a life in harmony with all necessary rules to become a full expression of Divinity even within his physical body.

These above points present a certain state of maturity and at the same time a certain condition of his aura and spiritual body as a necessary prerequisite for full success in practicing Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama. Let's have a look at the above drawing:

The white area represents the Divine light of God within every soul. The soul is permanently in contact with the Divine Creator.

The yellow ring around the center represents our soul. Next to God and still somehow separated. Like a wave on the ocean, that still is the ocean, but as a wave appears to have some sort of independent life or existence.

The white lines from center into the yellow ring (our soul) symbolize the increasing flow of Divine Bliss and Love into our being with continued spiritual progress.

The 6 colored rings around the yellow one represent the different aspects of our ego, the causal body that survives all physical incarnations and stores all its information and karma. The human aura contains dozens of "layers" with different energies within. All our fears, anger, desires, emotions, memories, thoughts, karma and much more are stored in these layers of light that are part of the "prison of our Divine soul". All these different parts or aspects of our spiritual body are interconnected through the 6 lower main-chakras. Each chakra works multi-dimensional and opens into many different layers of the human aura. Including all aspects of your ego (your personality including your physical body) and your spiritual body beyond physical body.

Devotion to God, Love for God, opens the door to Divine energy, bliss entering through your soul into your spiritual body - even purging into your physical body and providing you with health and strength. But that is just a side-effect of Kriya Yoga never the purpose of it. If in this constitution of inner Love and God-orientation you start your Kriya Pranayama, with every cycle of Kriya Pranayama, Divine light - often described as AUM or OM - flows into every layer of your spiritual body, thus dissolving all of your blockages, fears - freeing your Divine consciousness from all the clouds of disbelieve and darkness.

Through the grace and mercy of God, even your karma can be dissolved, as well as the capability to create new karma. All the layers of previous incarnations will be cleaned and then completely dissolved in the "fire of Divine Love of God". The vibration of your spiritual body is raising, causing the vibration of your physical body to raise as well. Until your physical body one day may become a Temple of God, pure enough to withstand the extreme high vibration of the Divine. This condition is called a true enlightenment. Once you have reached this state you then can enter in the state of Nirbikalpa Samadhi, a condition of complete God-Union while still having a physical body. In the past this condition has seldom been achieved - even though is is possible for everyone to achieve while having a physical body. In the future more highly evolved souls are incarnating - even now there are many thousands of such souls already on this planet, waiting to grow up and start their spiritual mission for the benefit of this planet. So this condition of repeatable God-Union will be common one day in the future.

Remember: Your soul has always been a Temple of God, but through the repeated and proper practice of Kriya Yoga including Kriya Pranayama as its main-technique, your entire personality, your ego and your physical body and all his metaphysical components as well will become a Divine Temple of God.

The final result is full enlightenment for your soul, radiating Divine Love and Bliss through all the different layers necessary while physically incarnated. There is nothing but the Divine capability of Loving in any situation, any time, any place, whatever you do.

        free souls

A Divine Souls even when using a physical body, always radiates Divine Light, Love and Bliss into the entire surroundings, facilitating the spiritual progress of the remaining souls, creating a condition of peace and Love around them.

Every human being - YOU TOO! - is a potential Saint - a sleeping Saint - Please wake up!

Awake from the illusion of God-Separation. Become aware of your Divine Truth and be an angel-like being of Love, a being of Divine Light. A true child of God and and learn to feel, think and act accordingly.

Everlasting freedom and Divine Love will be yours.

God is
        your Guru

Please pray regularly to God:
"Dear God, please guide me in my Kriya Yoga"
Then be quiet for a while and watch for God's guidance - God can do Kriya Pranayama or other exercises inside you for you to monitor and learn!!

God is
        your Guru

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God is
        your Guru