How to pray to God

your loving heart

How to pray to God when God doesn't answer my prayers

Then your prayers are either stubborn or non-loving / demanding


you simply fail to enter a true love relationship WITH God as being your very best friend. Talk to God like to your very best friend - with Love and have faith in His Love for You - God is Love - God loves you !!!

Many address their prayers with a title for God - such as "Sir" or any other very distant inner attitude ... THAT never is a successful method to enter a Love relationship with God !!!

Love prayer
Love prayer - More Prayer cards

How would you love to talk to your very best friend - the one you fully surrender all your life - the one you have full faith in - the one you truly trust all your secrets and problems and talk about all your adventures, mistakes and happenings ??

That is the way to talk to God in all your prayers !!

loving heart

How can you pray to God
when you still struggle against some of his other beloved children ?

Separating YOU from God is ALL that YOU have between YOU and ANY other person in your life. By getting in peace with ALL others FIRST - you will see that all doors to God start to open almost instantly and a flush of love and bliss will shower upon you any time you think of God and take YOUR God given time to open for love and bliss FROM God.

Learn to be loving and giving when you want something in return

As in ANY love-relationship YOU may also want to offer gifts of love as proof of YOUR love FOR God if you expect anything in return from God.

such gifts FOR God can be

  1. your love to the poor ones expressed in your sharing with those in need
  2. your protection of weak ones
  3. your helping the ones in distress - financially OR with your professional expertise and skills
  4. your care for nature and all creation including plants and animals on THIS planet
  5. your planting some flowers in nature for OTHERS - creating happiness and a smile and happiness with our love IN others may be one of the most valuable gift here on earth FOR God

When you go to your daddy or mama or a best friend - to confess something, to ask for advice or to ask for a favor ... what attitude or environment do your create or select to be successful ?

Most likely the very same attitude or environment also is successful when approaching or contacting God ... First of all you have to allow God to be near you when you pray to God - the best place for God to be in your prayers as well as in all your life is inside your heart and soul ...

Surrender to God when you pray to God

For God to carry you in love home - you may need to fully surrender the very same way you surrender to water when floating on water

How to pray to God ... relaxed and loving!

Your opening FOR God and faith in God's love for you is your true proof of love for God. Hence as soon as you proof your love you will feel loving guidance more and more in your life - guidance is the answer from God until you learn to spiritually communicate WITH God.

Such communication is similar to what person consider telepathic communication - however on a very loving spiritual and far more efficient level that simple telepathy among humans.

God loves me
God loves me! More God cards

God is always present in your life, sometimes God's presence may be hidden, other times more apparent. Finally it is up to you to be prepared and open hearted for God's or Jesus conscious presence to assist and guide you home.

See also the following chapters about how to make prayers effective and how to tune in with rules of life and spiritual laws and rules of love to open the door of love for communication with God to improve the effectiveness of your prayers and to learn to give to loved ones what you wish from loved ones - LOVE ! All these chapters are found in the Spiritual Treasures.

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