Kriya Yoga is Universal

Kriya Yoga is the creation of God and a gift to all creation. Therefore Kriya Yoga never can be owned or controlled by any country, culture or universe. God's Kriya Yoga is an essential part of Jesus teachings of love and belongs to all humanity and beyond.

Open for God then a sincere prayer to God shall help you to receive guidance from God in your own Kriya Yoga efforts. The below foreign language introductions are brief, yet for a sincere heart enough if done with love and for no other reason than to love all mankind.

Below you find links to the most important Kriya Yoga basics in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Bulgarian. The full details of all Kriya Yoga techniques are available in English and German language. The complete Kriya Yoga teachings are contained in full in the "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" Kriya Yoga download - 39988 files, 3.55 GB Jesus teachings of love, graphics and pictures for instant FREE download by Bittorrent.

Love all
forgive all
reconcile with all
Pray to God only

Kriya Yoga en français

Kriya Yoga Yoga no português

Kriya Yoga English
Initiation to the holy technique with detailed explanations and complete teachings of love

Kriya Yoga Deutsch
Einweihung in die heilige Technik des Kriya Yoga mit kompletter Lehre der Liebe

Крийя Йога на русском

God is Love

Крия Йога на български